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Who we are

Institut Provençana is a high school specialized in VET courses. The center offers courses in Business and Administration, Trade and Marketing, Information Technologies and Communications, Civil Constructions and Works, and Chemistry.

How we work

With a long experience in teaching and training towards a high level of employability of our graduates, our mission is to give our students the skills and competences required for the labour market, and adaptability to new forms of work and organization.

We place special emphasis on the use of new IT and communication systems, both in the teaching-learning and the achievement of skills by students. The practical activities are very important. Several projects and initiatives are carried out by promoting them: methodology for firm simulation for the Business and Administration, intensive practice and simulations for the IT and Communications, practices with real material for the Civil Constructions and Works, for example.

What we offer

The center has a high level of IT infrastructure and a virtual learning campus to facilitate access to education and improve learning.

Students have access to materials through the local network and the Internet, even from home. They also have considerable space on the central server for storing notes, papers, etc. with access from the Internet.

If you are thinking about improving your education or becoming professionally qualified, come see us!

You can also request information by email: Aquesta adreça electrònica s'està protegint contra robots de correu brossa. Necessites JavaScript habilitat per veure-la.

See pages below for further information:

barra fotos

La formació de qualitat és la millor oportunitat de millora professional, particularment en temps de crisi.

L'IES Provençana és un centre especialitzat des de la seva creació l'any 1977 en la formació professional de grau mitjà i superior.

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